My Penis Is 5 Inches Long When I Have An Erection And I'm Only 13? Is That Normal?


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Guy BOB answered
This is funny, 13 year olds asking what the average size of a 13 year old's penis should be, I'm cracking up, but 5 is probably about average for you, lol. Dude with 8, I want what you smoking, I highly doubt it is that big. Most grown men are lucky to be that big.
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Anonymous answered
Really, 8 inches. I find that doubtful, but ok
emma danish Profile
emma danish answered
Your body is still growing and will continue to do so until around 18/21 years old so at this point everything is normal
Omer Butt Profile
Omer Butt answered
At thirteen, it is very very normal don't fear at all.
Taylor ♥ Profile
Taylor ♥ answered
That's completely normal. don't worry about it.
It will get bigger, as you get older.
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Cheryl Fox answered
It is normal. Don't compare with other boys either because everyone is different. Like someone before said, it's average or bigger for your age. :)

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