How to apply online for a Harris County Hospital gold card?


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Although you can download the application form that you need to complete, it is not possible to apply online for a Harris County Hospital gold card. The website that you will need to download the form from, and which will give you any help that you need in filling is: If you need further help, you can call 713-566-6509.

Depending on what your household income is, it may be possible to get financial help for medical care. This is available on a sliding scale and can cover full pay, half pay, or nominal co-pay.
To ensure that your application for a Gold Card is processed without any problems you will need to provide proof of different things. If this proves to be problematic, there may be alternative options of proofs that you can provide.

You will need to be able to prove the identity of both yourself and that of your family members. There are many forms of identification that you can use such as a Texas driver's license, birth certificate or a passport. For the full list, refer to the website.

It will be necessary to prove where you live, and where you plan to carry on living; you can use a utility bill that is no older than three months old, or a lease or mortgage agreement. Again there is quite a list of suitable documentary evidence that you can provide for this purpose.

Proof of what your household income has been for the last 30 days will also be needed, and who lives with you. If you are not a US citizen, you will also have to prove that you are eligible for assistance.
If any of your circumstances change after you has submitted your application you should make it known immediately.

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