If I smoke meth right now and have to drop a ua around 6 or 7 pm tonight, will baking soda and water work?


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A UA the same day? And you're smoking meth? I'm sorry but how on earth do you expect to pass a drug test???

Even holy water and baking soda can't save you now. Why couldn't you just wait to hit the ice after your test, that's what I don't understand..

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I wouldn't worry about baking soda. It's shown to have little to no effect on any form of drug testing.

Water can help flush your system out... But it's not a miracle cure, and your body ultimately needs time to rid itself of the metabolites create from crystal meth ingestion.

I would give the drinking water method a go. It sounds like your best bet. If you come back with a positive result though, at least you'll know you tried the best you could as, from what I hear, all those other drug cleansing products are all a scam.

The best you can hope for is a cheap test. They're usually not very accurate, and will give an inconclusive reading at least, giving you valuable time to get clean.

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