What Medication Can One Use When Suffering From A Broken Heart?


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Sellotape. Lol
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This depends whether you mean a real physically broken heart, which requires medical treatment or if you mean that your heart is metaphorically broken by some kind of psychological hurt or trauma through the loss of someone special or a break up of a relationship, friendship or marriage.

In this answer, I will speak of the metaphorical broken heart.

When you have a broken heart, it is very difficult to get on with normal life. A broken heart may also involve a low level of the feelings of depression. If you feel that the broken heart is causing you problems in moving on with your life, it may be possible that the doctor will give you some forms of medication to help you sleep or lessen your anxiety or depressed state.

However, they say that time is the greatest healer. Being around good friends, getting involved in activities or just doing some things that place you first are great ways to mend a broken heart. You know what they say, time heals all wounds.

If this doesn't help, you might want to try Bach Flower Remedy.
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I don't want to get to religis but lord my saviour jesus christ healed my broken heart. I was in a serious relationship that lasted for 5 years. It was hell. Domestic violence. But somehow at that time in my life I thought he was the only person that loved me. I thought that was love. It broke my heart when I actually got enough confidence and left. It broke my heart. I found that you shouldn't put all your trust in a man. God comes first. I found this time to rebuild my relationship with him and soon I found that I love myself more and that being alone for a while can be benifitial to us as humans. We need it.

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