I've started my period but my mother doesn't know and I don't know how to tell her. Everytime I get the chance to tell her I chicken out?


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I had the same problem. After a few months my mom noticed her pads were dissapearing. She guessed, and she asked me one day while we were in the car. At first, I was really scared because she wasnt even home, but it worked out fine. The creepy thing that happened was my dad asked me on the same day my mom asked me, and my parents were divorced lol
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Why would you not tell her?
Its not like she's going to be mad or anything.
She's a woman she's had periods for FOREVER.
Its not this shocking secret that you have to keep.
Whats gonig to happen when uve kept it a secret for so long that you can't bum pads or tampons off your mom anymore cause she went through menopause and doesnt need them anymore?
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The only reason I would be against telling would be, that id be worried about her embarrassing me as she is an awkward kind of mom
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Lol the end of your comment makes me laugh :)
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I didn't tell my mom until I fell asleep with a pad on and it leaked! My mom figured it out and she didn't freak out or anything, she helped me a lot. So don't be afraid to tell her she most likely wont get freaked out or anything
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Just tell her, she might just figure it out like my mom did when she started to notice her pads were dissapearing, and then I asked her to buy me tampons and seh was all like "ooooh I'm sooo proud" yea its more or less a simple thing to do but I know hoe embarassing it can seem......most girls are really just waiting to get it and then get freaked out when it happens, I was not waiting I was 10 almost 11 and was not expecting it so I was scared to tell anyone, then all my friends wanted to know what it was like and they were all jealous, and wouldn't believe me that it sucked - the pain and the blood, and yea it just sucks.....lol sorry I went off, just tell her or let her figure it out your choice

Stormys Answer BELOW Is a good one, I would helpful it if I had anymore
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Well, just TELL her!  It's not going to be a surprise or anything...but why the big communication problem, that's what you should be looking at...you're sure going to need your mom's advice for awhile, better figure out what's wrong.  My mom and I were always tight, and I'm a GUY, but she's saved my butt I don't know how many times.
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Theres nothing to worry about you can just come out and say it because your mother has already been through it and she knows all about it and what your going though so don't worry to much about it and it ends in a weeks time so you have nothing to worry about
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Ye I'm a guy so I don't know, but like I'm 15 and I havnt told my parents ive dated anyone but with other things I just think about saying it, whisler it to maself then just put some voice into it, just think how easy it is and do it :)
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Well hun, just go and tell her. It's normal to be a little scared, I was too! Just rember, Every girl goes though it! No pressure though, I know it's hard. But I would tell her. The response I gt was Ok sweetheard. I'll go get some stuff for you. Need anything? Trust me, you'll be fine.
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i'm scared to tell my mom because she doesn't handle things well and i just turned 10

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Geez you're not going to be in trouble or anything.
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Stay tough, I was lucky to not get mine until 13. Honestly I'm not sure if I knew what a period was when I was 10 hmmm
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My mom just simply asked me one day if I had started my period. I answered yah, and then she said something about my stained underwear - embarrassing…  :b

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Just tell her. She will be proud & supportive, and if you are embarrassed, don't be - every woman goes through it!
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I was scared when I first told my mom too, I actully told my sister first.
But don't be afraid to tell her, because every girl goes through it, and it's not that big of a deal. :)

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