Can Morning After Pill Affect Period?


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The morning after pill or the emergency contraceptive pill can affect your period only in the way that it can come a bit earlier or maybe delayed for some time.

After taking the morning after pill or the emergency contraceptive pill, some women might experience some spotting but this is not the regular period. The regular period would come at its regular time, might be a bit early or delayed as said before.

Only if the emergency contraceptive pill or the morning after pill is taken repeatedly, it will cause the menstrual cycle to be disturbed and affected. Women might experience longer/shorter cycle with heavy/light periods.

If someone does not get their regular period after taking the morning after pill, they should consult a doctor or an OBGYN. The doctor will recommend a pregnancy test as it is a possibility that the woman is pregnant.

There are generally no side effects of the morning after pill or the emergency contraceptive pill, which is taken in case of unprotected sex, a condom leak or a sexual assault.

Some women might experience temporary side effects like vomiting, nausea and irregular menstrual bleeding. If itching of the body, cramping or severe abdominal pain occurs as side effects, a doctor should be consulted immediately.

Women who have become pregnant should not worry about taking a morning after pill as it does not harm the fetus.

The morning after pill is not a substitute for a regular contraceptive pill; it should be taken only for emergency reasons like leakage of a condom, sexual assault etc. Other forms of birth controls are more effective and should be adopted for the prevention of pregnancy with the consultation of a doctor.
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Hi ladies, I totally feel your pain and being scared over the fact how your period is late or has gone M.I.A. But before you start to freak out, let me tell you my story. Morning after pills (plan b) can definitely mess up your cycle. I took it sometime around april 21st, my period did come around the time expected the following month, (which was may 2nd) it was quite light but ive always had light periods. Then here comes june and I was 9 days late, I was so paranoid, took 6 pregnancy tests within a week and gone to the GYN twice. All tests came back negative but I was super stressed since my periods has ALWAYS been normal from month-to-month. As of today june 13th, I can say ive gotten my period 2 days ago, finally I got to wipe off the sweat off of my forehead. So ladies, don't freak just yet, the period will come, morning after pills is a high dosage of hormone that can seriously cause some changes in your monthly cycle. Your period will come so don't worry just yet, make sure you keep some hpt around so you can test it whenever you want some reassurance because it does help. Don't stress too much, although its super hard I know but keep in mind stress can delay your period, as well as skipping it. Try to relax, it will come in no time. Good luck and please, always use a condom.
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The morning after pill if taken a week  before your period is due or shorter will delay your next period, you may come on late but if you don't come on 3 weeks later after taking your morning after pill you should take a pregnancy test , many factors can cause you to come on late as I had this problem, if you stress about it you will be delayed and also a healthy diet is very important for your hormones to replenish , I know it hard but you must relax your period will come in time .. Good luck ladies ..
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Oh my god I can't believe it. I am having the same problem, I had the morning after pill too, and now I am over a week and half late. I have done the pregnancy test 5 times all negative. I have even been to the doctors and she did a blood test which showed negative. I'm freaking out!!
For the first time ever I'm looking forward to getting my period. I hope everything is ok.
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I have taken morning after pills before for those "emergencies" you should make sure you always use a condom and at very least you should go on the pill or another form of birth control, the morning after pill shouldn't be used as method of birth control. Although doctors may tell you that the ECP is perfectly fine to use and that there are no negative long term affects, you are tricking your body by giving you "hormones" that are man made and unnatural to your body so they are going to mess with your cycle. Some women will get their period right after taking the morning after pill and then get their period again when they normally expected it, some women will get there period at the normal times and not right after the pill and some women will start a new cycle when the morning after pill educes a period. Also the morning after pill only works for a short period of time after sex, if I am correct I believe 1 to 5 days but I would double check on that. The fact that your period stopped is a strange one, you need to see your Doctor, it could be that you were only going to get the one days bleeding and that could mean that it is implantation or ovulation since you didn't state when your last period was. Remember that I am not a doctor but I am speaking from  experience and I have not mentioned anything that I have not experienced or witnessed first hand. Keep in mind that if you are having problems with your period or your cycle, the word "hormones" mean minerals and metals, and thats usually a sign that they are out of balance so try and eat healthy and replenish them the natural way.
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Thankyou for your post.. I was really freaking out.. I have taken the pill before with no side effects at all but this time i took it i started another period only 9 days after my last one ended and that was also 6 days after the morn after pill.
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I am about to go crazy around here.  I took the pill the same day I had intercourse(maybe 6 hours) and what I believe to be my period came on a week later( and week in a half before my regular period) which was may 25. Well according to my regular period, which was suppose to come on June 4, my period should come on july 1 and I know its not july 1 but my "period" came on may 25 so I'm counting from that day which my period should have been on last week. I have not signs or symptoms of pregnancy.  This is really stressful for me.  I took 3 pts and they all were negative. The last one I took was last week.  I have a lot to lose it I am.

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