I burp ..... Like a dude ....... Is that ok?


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Kaitlin Bleh answered
It's ok to burp. I mean everyone has to burp. But it's probably not polite for a girl to burp really loudly in places such as: Lunch, school, with older women who will probably get very annoyed over this, and dudes your age may think it's ok or be totally grossed out.
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Meghan answered
I think it is, unfortunately it won't get you a very good reputation. I personally, think burping is hilarious but all the stuck up girls at my school do not. Even some of my friends stick their noses up at it. It's okay tho, as long as you don't care how others feel about it. Also boys DO NOT find it attractive. Advice? Don't do it in public.
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Ray Ottewell answered
Drink a big bottle of coke and "BURP" to your heart's content.
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Janey answered
Some tomboy friends I know can burp to music after a few beers lol.
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Arthur Wright answered
Well at least here in the deep south US, youd be able to hoild your own agaiunst all these good ole redneck boys
Mark/Nikki Hendrickson Profile
It really depends on the situation. My sister belches like a dude and most of the time it is disgusting. There are few times when it is okay (ie she is with her girlfriends or me and my buds get together and they have belching contests). It gets a little out of control, but as long as you keep it to a minimum, it should be good.
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Nadya Bean answered
Oh my god I DO IT ALL THE TIME! One of my best friends always gets pissed off and hits me when I do it because she thinks ill never get a guy.. But whoever I end up wiv BETTER ACCEPT IT!

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