I Want A Baby But Im 13 Is That Ok?


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Sweetie I know you my think you are ready, and I am not judging you but it not easy taking care of a baby, I know someone right now who is in her twenties and she thought she was ready and the beautiful boy is an year old and she's not really taking care of him. I use to have him a lot, but I wasn't helping her to be more responsibly for him, I think she's upset with me, but I couldn't keep him all the time and she really doesn't have that much help. When she started talking about having one I told her, that her life is over that the baby has to come first and she still wants to party and have fun, and she's pushing the baby on others when she want's to go to parties or go out with her friends. It's not easy, everyone can say no, but you are going to do whatever you want to do anyway. I pray that you really really think about it not just for you, but for the baby as well and everyone else that it's going to affect. I wish you luck sweetie.
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No maybe you should try getting a pet instead. A baby is too much responsibility for any teenager. It means you no longer have the ability to do what you want. And at 13 you do not even know who you are yet!! Please Please wait until you are older.
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Let's think about this.... You have no income, so there's no way you could afford a kid. You're not in a stable relationship with anyone, even if you think you are but your only thirteen, so highly doubt it. You're in school, if not the beginning of high school. So unless you want people to notice you for being the pregnant girl in school, I wouldn't consider having a child at this time in your life.
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Young miss, You may be lacking something in your life but it is not a baby. I recommend that you volunteer somewhere, possibly a kennel or veterinarians office or home for elderly folks- Both places you are able to find love, admiration and appreciation. (That is what I believe you're looking for) You have to learn who you are before you can be selfless. There is plenty of time for that MUCH later. Why don't you take on a baby sitting job or something here and there. Babies are beautiful but they are so much work. Develop yourself so that you can nurture and give a baby what he/she needs. Best wishes to you. Go forward and do great things!!
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It is completely natural to want to be loved by another living being and having a baby seems like a plausible conclusion but its not easy. Not only will the actual labor could possibly kill you but carrying the baby during the 9-10 months could be fatal. But babies are money and tons of responsibility. At this age you are nor equipped nor are you prepared to be able to have and care for a baby. The best thing for you to do is wait. Reach out to your parents. Find the love there. This is your safest bet.
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Age 13 is not the correct age to have babies. This age is for you to study and enjoy. You need to be mature enough to have babies.
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I don't think so.13 is way to young 2 have a baby.Don't focus on a baby, try to focus on other stuff.If you really like baby's, try baby sitting for some one.=D
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You shouldn't even be dating yet!!!! I'm not! Besides there is a lot of pain involved and you cannot support yourself let alone a baby you need your own house a good income and a husband to have children
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Well I'm not gunna tell you , you are wrong because I've felt the same way every now and then I get this feeling I really want a baby andim glad to hear that I'm  not in my own but I thinkk if you are really ready 4 it then its your life and you only live once so make the right decisions but ifyou think you are ready 4 a baby just make sure you have support  around you  !!! How do you thinkk your mum will react and are you a virgin ??
Have you got a boyfriend ??
If everyne just tells you your wrong thenn it makes you feel worse !!
But just thinkk about it don't just tke the easy route out and having a baby because it wont be easyy !!! X hope I have helped you x
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That is nasty we need to get you on the jerry springer show your crazy how do you think your going to support a kid at 13??
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I think you should wait for the right age. You are too young to raise a child and you don't have much experience in how to raise a baby.... Life is not that short and simple....There is still a long way to go....
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No you don't trust me I'm 18 and I'm pregnant and I'm finding fin-gs really hard ... W8 in till you find the ryt person and your a lot olda :) x

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