How is physiological health a reward of self-disclosure?


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There are several types of benefits that can arise from self disclosure such as better psychological health, but many people believe that physiological benefits can be seen after self disclosure.

This is probably a result of the emotional weight that is lifted off a person's shoulders, meaning that they can stop worrying about things and concentrate on other activities. If negative mental problems arose from a lack of self disclosure, then these would almost definitely have an impact on a person's physiological health.

  • Disadvantages
One drawback that can sometimes arise from self disclosure is to do with relationships. Sometimes this can carry great advantages as it means that the couple learns more about each other which can bring their closer together. But people should exercise this with caution, as self disclosure in relationships can sometimes ruin them, especially if a person admits to infidelity.

Some people believe that a disclosure is just a selfish act of relieving one's conscious which puts an unfair burden on the other person.

  • How to write a self-disclosure essay
Writing a self-disclosure essay is a tactic that is often used by businesses and professional working environments to get their employees to improve.

The first thing to do when it comes to writing a self-disclosure essay is to open with a thesis statement that summarizes your feelings about self disclosure.

Your introduction should be next and it should tell the reader know what the topic of this essay is; including the specific sections that you will be discussing. This section should set up a framework for the main body of the essay.

The actual body of the essay should be structured around several different parts of self disclosure. Examples of this structure could be speaking about your open self, hidden self and the parts of yourself that even you do not know. This section should be a kind of personal journey documented by yourself.

Conclude the essay with a brief recap on what you have said in the main body, focusing on the points that you think are the most important.

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