How Do You Calculate Body Water Percentage?


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A vital portion of the human body is constituted by water. This is called as body water and is allocated in diverse sections in the body. Lean muscle tissue is constituted of around 75 percent of water. Blood is made up of eighty-three percent water. Body fat and bone contain twenty-five and twenty-two percent water respectively.

Hormones like the anti-diuretic hormone, atrial natriuretic peptide etc control body water.

An estimate of the body water in a person can be obtained by a simple calculation. Men have around seventy-two percent body water, while women possess around sixty-eight owing to a higher percentage of body fat. This is total body water. Body water can be divided into three categories: Intracellular fluid 2/3 water), Plasma (1/15 water) and Intercellular fluid (4/15 water).

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