What is the difference between tampax pearl and tampax compak pearl?


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The main difference between Tampax Pearl and Tampax Compak Pearl is very small indeed, but the main difference is that the Compact ones are a lot smaller than the ordinary Pearl variety. This means that they are a lot more discreet. The Compak Pearl does not come in a wrapper and the applicator that is used to insert the tampon are inside each other, which is the reason for its smaller size.

Even though both of these types of tampons come with new plastic applicators which are thought to be better and more comfortable for insertion, the applicator on the Compak is half the size of the original cardboard applicator. In contrast, the Tampax Pearl has a full-length smooth applicator.

Although there is not a great deal of difference between these two types apart from their size, many women prefer the Compak variety if they are out and about, especially at parties. This is because it can easily be concealed in your hand if the woman does not want to take her bag into the toilet.

  • Tampax Pearl
As mentioned earlier, the Tampax Pearl comes with smooth and rounded plastic applicator, as well as an anti-slip grip which means that applicator is even easier to hold. Both of these new features result in the Pearls being straightforward to apply. This brand also comes with a new Form Fit function which expands to your body shape for maximum protection. The new Leak Guard braid will also help to prevent further leaks. The silent purse resistant wrapper makes it even more discreet.

  • Tampax Compak
The main feature of this brand is that the applicator is half the length of the original one, which makes it very discreet. It also comes with the Form Fit function and a built-in protector to make you feel comfortable wearing skirts.

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