Who knows pro ana sites? I'm Addicted to them and I don't know what to do. Can anyone help?


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Pro ana sites are not recommendable and none will be listed here - however, there is plenty of help available to you. You are highly encouraged to avoid pro ana sites and instead tell a friend or adult about your problem as soon as possible.

This is the best way in which to sort it out, before it develops into something more serious. You may feel embarrassed or scared about the issue; rationalize these emotions, be brave and get yourself the advice and treatment you need.

  • Pro ana websites

Pro ana websites are websites designed for anorexia sufferers. The majority of them claim to exist in order to help those with eating disorders - which is how they have not yet been taken down from the Internet. In fact, pro ana websites encourage those with anorexia. They include stories about anorexia experiences and users can submit images of their anorexia bodies.

Many of the pro ana websites even have a page of diet plans, designed for those looking to eat only 200 calories or even less per day. Pro ana websites both encourage those conscious about their body image to become anorexic, and give anorexia sufferers new ways in which to 'pursue' their illness.

Articles on the websites indicate those with anorexia are superior as they don't need food; they see eating as a fundamental weakness rather than something needed to survive.

  • Getting help

If you think you may be developing anorexia or any sort of eating disorder, it is important to seek help as quickly as possible. This should be sought from a qualified doctor, who will refer you to a food specialist. You will receive appropriate treatment and come out of the process with a healthy body and mind.

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