I am getting my tonsils out soon and I want to know what happens before the surgery, during and after? How long 'til I can talk and what can I expect at the hospital? No idea where I am going yet, but please help as much as you can.


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Once you check in at the hospital, you will probably be moved to a private room, you might have about an hours wait, then a doctor will come in and give you and injection to ease the pain, then the doctors will move you to an operating table and put you to sleep with a special gas mask over your mouth, so you will go to sleep in a few seconds. Then you will wait on the operation table for observation, then before you leave and go home, you will be given some medicine.

When you get home the pain may be kinda bad for a week, but you have to drink a lot of water, even though it hurts, you might be on pain killers for a week after the operation.

Good luck :)

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