I just got fired from my job because of my brain disorder known as** Dyscalculia**, I don’t think I’ll ever get another job because of this. It started yesterday when I was put on register duty at Burger King. This would be my first time on register, with confidence I thought to myself that I could do this since the register tells you how much something cost and how much change you’d give back to the customer how bad can it be? Well on my third customer my brain literally locked up on me as if I never even counted to ten. I began to panic and pretend the register malfunctioned so that I wouldn’t look like a complete fool, as I make time to count the change displayed on the screen a co-worker came by and asked what the problem was with the register I replied “ I got it now thanks “ at this point I’m angry at myself and panicking. I am literally at the register trembling the change around in my hand like WTF not only was this EXTREMELY EMBARRASSING!!! But me thinking that I will lose my job today will ruin everything because of this disorder. My boss called me over and after I explained he let me go. How the hell am I supposed to succeed in make my goals in life if I can't even count change at a decent paste? How the hell am I going to go to college or get into the air force if I struggle in arithmetic reasoning? Before anyone answers my question please google Dyscalculia so that you will have a better understanding on where I am coming from.


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I suppose you need to find a way around using numbers. In college they do offer assisted learning centers when there is a will there is a way. There are scholarships and aid to those with learning disabilities. Find a place that will allow you to clean over using the register. Goodluck.

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Hi Cool Spot, I cannot reply to Anonymous because the Wikipedia link is attached and it's just brings up the link and not the question. How did you get to answer?
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Pepper Pot : If you click on the "answers" instead of the question, you can answer this book !
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Ok, thanks Rooster :)
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First you should never ever give up. You're a valuable person to this planet. Work on your problem solving skills and don't go it alone.

Goodwill, Salvation Army, ACA Americans With Disabilities.

You could research online for help groups in your area.

Tutors, parents and school counselors.

Don't give up. There are thousands of jobs you can excel in.

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I can understand what it is like to have a condition for which there is no understanding, I have suffered chronic pain for 12 years and at times it can feel extremely isolating. I also suffer convergence syndrome which means I often suffer double vision.  Look for support amongst other sufferers, for they will be the ones' who will truly understand. You may have to revisit your career choices, maybe focus on physical work rather than mental. I often prefered physical work as it is less taxing on the brain, and can actually be relaxing and absorbing. I am sorry he fired you, he could of just allocated you to a different position, unfortunately some people have no patience, understanding or time for people. Raising awareness is always a good thing for lesser known conditions, as I have read it is a type of dyslexia.  One of my cousins has dyslexia and refused help for a long time because she felt ashamed. Thankfully, she eventually accepted the extra tuition and now works as a child care assistant.  There appears to be quite a number of YouTube videos of people with this condition sharing their experience with it, maybe these will come in useful.

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First off, calm down and quit putiing your whole life in dire straights just because you found a job you are not good at. Guess what? That makes you normal. Instead of looking for a job where you run a register, look for something different, say as a server. There are plenty of restaurants like Dennys where you take their order and serve he food, but they pay up front when they leave. 

As for the Air Force, that one might be a problem. If you are planning on flying, you will need to deal with numbers. Find a occupational therapist that can teach you coping skills .

Your life is not over bexause of a bad day working at a fast food restaurant .  If that were true, half of the US population would be in the same boat.

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Calm down .. We all have challenges. Stop concentrating on your weaknesses and focus on your strengths. Many many many people live incredibly productive lives that are challenged on many levels not just mathematics. Whether their  weaknesses involve a lack of education, both mental or physical disabilities .. You name it .. They have found a way that fits their needs.. So can you.

You can do this

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Don't beat yourself up.  Your employer was mean.  They gave you no support as the till as it was your first time on the till.  Anyone would feel overwhelmed with that expectation and even more so if you have a disability.  Your employer was extremely unsupportive to the point of discriminating against you.  It wasn't your fault. 

I am sure you have alot of talent and skills that an employer would appreciate.  I guess it is now, to find suitable employment that does not require quick giving of change and other such number tasks. 

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"The one that falls & gets up is so much stronger than the one that never fell."

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