The Priory Is A Well Know Rehab Clinic But It Sounds Like It Is More Of A 5 Star Hotel. Is It Really Just A Nice Relaxing Place To Go?


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Gillian Smith answered
The Priory is very, very expensive and aimed at the  higher end of the market. It's in a leafy suburb in a very expensive area!
It's probably a lot more attractive than a national health clinic for the same problems.
Some people 'break the bank' to go there in order to get help. Some local authorities do help with costs at their descression.
I do know of someone who was suffering and phoned the Priory for help , the first thing they were asked was do you have over £20,000 available and that was around 15 years ago!!
I probabaly wouldn't think it was a relaxing place to go as it's full of people with a lot of problems including behavioural ones. It would be difficult to relax with withdrawl symtoms etc. You'd probably have to listen to a lot of ego's and people seeking attention. It deals with cocaine and heroin addicts as well as many other problems.
If you want to relax go somewhere else less expensive.
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Aimee Rogers answered
The Priory does have a fairly luxury image attached to it due to the fact that celebrities are always in the newspapers and magazines claiming that they have been to the Priory. It seems to be a place where you go to a while, relax away from the public and recover. However, it is far from luxurious and what people forget and do not realise is that it is actually a place for people with mental problems. Your problem could be anorexia, bulimia, drug addiction, alcohol addiction, manic depression or any other mental health problems. There are all kinds of sufferers within the Priory.

When you arrive at the Priory you have your belongings taken off you, during your first night there you are checked up on every fifteen minutes for the first 42 hours and that includes waking you up. It is like living in a prison but it is rehab and many people simply do not realize how hard it is in there. You all get up at the same time and you go to bed at the same time. You are there to sort out your problems and you undergo therapy both singly and in groups. It is definitely not a relaxing place to stay in and there are hundreds of people staying there with you.

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