How can get more stamina?


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Below are some great tips that can help you increase your stamina for when you're working out, exercising or just playing sports.

  • What to do
Firstly, you should set yourself some goals. Decide whether your want to increase your energy, build some muscle or increase your endurance and strength. Once you've done this you should go about creating a training plan that is not too much. It needs to be within your reach and planned so that it fits around your lifestyle. Once you start increasing your stamina you could consider adding more to your training plan.

You could start your training plan with walking. Walking is able to improve the efficiency of your lungs and heart, it can increase your energy level and strengthen the muscles in your legs. You could then perhaps build up to some running, if that's something you're interested in. Some people simply can't tolerate running, as this is much harder on your knees and other joints, and can often lead to difficulty in working out afterwards.

Then, consider riding a bicycle. It's important for you to find one form of exercise at least that you enjoy. Many people enjoy riding bicycles so this could be the exercise for you. If you enjoy what you're doing then you are increasing the chances of success with your fitness program.

You could also try swimming. This is another great form of exercise that many people overlook. It might surprise you how much swimming can really do! This is a low-impact kind of exercise that is able to tone your whole body and is able to give you a great cardiovascular workout.

Once you've started you can start pushing yourself to do more and more. Do this at a sensible rate but you'll soon see yourself being able to do more and more, until you have increased your stamina by a large amount.

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