When was the last time you ran? 8)


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Maria Not Telling Profile
This morning at 6am I ran like I do every morning
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Janey answered
Yesterday evening -  my usual 3-miles round the block run just to keep in shape lol.I run every day tbh, unless it's raining really hard lol.
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Addilynn All Star
LOL wth girl! U aint gnnnna be scared of rainnnnnnnnn! NINJA IS NOT IIMPRESSED! Wat rain gnna do to youu? One day it cud be raining and someone cud be chasing after yaa....Are u gnna say "no thnx its raining!"?...........(lol)
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Arthur Wright answered
I almost ran in the last Presidential election but I couldnt stand up against Sarah Palins beauty so I don't run, but almost. Does that count for anything?

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