When was the last time you cried?


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Last night looking at a photo taken of me and my gran last Christmas - she died 2 weeks ago.
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Asian Dude
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Sorry to hear that Janey...But hey it's better to have love and lost then to never have loved at all right? I say this cause I never got to meet Any of my grandparents..From both sides! I wish I had a picture of them.
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I was watching Intervention the other day and I couldn't help but shed a few tears at the end when the family members tell the person how much they love them and how bad they're hurting themselves.  If you don't feel anything during the end of Intervention...You have no heart.. Lol
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I do all the time but for a different reason than you suspect as mine is due to living with suicidal level pain all the time and meds don't always help
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Maxine Chan
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Aww that sucks to feel pain all the time. I am used to pain so I do not mind.
Arthur Wright
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I dont ever remember a life without pain but never at these levels I have now with no relief in sight
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I don't know if this counts but I heard my horse riding instructor talking to a potential buyer for a horse. I thought she was talking about the horse I ride and am very connected to (but later I found out she was talking about a different horse) I was crying on the inside but I couldn't show it because I was babysitting at the time

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