Okay im goin into 8th grade and im 5'7 and my boobs arnt very big, how do i make them bigger? Anyy tricks or anthing?


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Hey girl! I'm going into my freshman year, and I'm only an A cup. Personally, I love having small breast's because I'm in cheer, & I've heard larger one's always seem to get in the way. But my booty make's up for it. Ha;) Anyway's, if you want your boob's to appear larger? Wear a bra size that's one size smaller than your actual cup. It pushes them up. & get extra padding. Bombshell's from Victoria Secret are definitely the best! But Target has some that are similiar, and cost less if your on a budget. 8th grade's a blast! Have fun! :) - Alyssa.

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