I had influenza,Pneumonia, and H1N1 all at the same time before and almost died so i had to be hospitalized for 2 weeks. Anyways, what are the chances of me getting it again?


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No once you've had the H1N1 "Bird Flu" virus, you can't catch it twice as the body's immunity system adapts to the virus's cell mutating capability.H1N1's own strength rapidly diminishes as a  "carrier virus" because of this and is why the H1N1 scare in the UK a  few years back was neutralised so quickly.
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Since you had it once, chnaces are high that it could happen again since nothing is ever fully cured making it much easier to come again if it does as too there is always a good chance that your body may have built up a resistance to it, but one just never knows what fate holds for us especially once we get older
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Very little.You will live to be 103.

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