Is this normal? I have light blonde underarm hair, light blonde hair on my legs (I don't need to shave) and I don't have my period yet. But I do have black hairs down there. Also I have very small boobs, they are developing. Is this normal? Help!


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Jessica Hall answered
I am like that also I have recently decided to shave. I have brown hair on my legs, underarms and down there. I also havent started yet and I have quite small boobs which are also developing so don't worry
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Alice Bennet
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Thank you soo muchh! I am going to wax or something.. I think its weird that I have light hair, but brown hair down there.. Weird!
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Completely normal. Some girls have eager hormones that start earlier (like me; I started puberty at age 8 and you got my period at 12) and other girls' hormones take their time:)

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