I Have Peeling Skin On My Penis And I Don't Know What To Do Or How It Happened And Need To Know What To Do, How To Treat. I Never Had This But It's Peeling Real Bad And Looks Awful. Any Help?


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It sounds like a problem caused by friction rather than a sexually transmitted disease.

You will know what you have been doing recently and whether there is a risk that you have picked up an STD so while you should never dismiss it if you think you may have been exposed, the symptoms are usually more severe such as discharge, open sores, and fever.

If you have been having sex, see a doctor about your problem. Your partner may be clean as far as you know but what if he/she had one little infidelity that was never mentioned. Don't be embarrassed to talk to the doctor and to get your bits out, he or she will have seen much worse.

If you have just been masturbating though, it could be the lubricant you have been using. Some men like to use types of soap but this can cause the problem you are experiencing because it removes oil from the skin. The penis is mostly muscle and stretchy skin. It needs elasticity so by removing oil, you are reducing the capacity to stretch without causing tissue damage. This is not a reason to not washing yourself. Just don't be rigorous with the soap.

If you think it's a masturbation problem, try laying off it for a month. It may be difficult but just imagine dropping your pants for a partner and her seeing your penis in its current state. Focus on the long-term gain in having a healthy looking organ.

The doctor could still be worth a visit though as he may be able to recommend creams that will sooth your penis without removing the essential oils from it. In other words, you will be masturbating again in a lesser amount of time.
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I had that to I just picked at it and a week later it was gone so I suggest you just pick at it
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Just let the skin peal on its own the penis is like a snake in time it needs a new shield to protect the penis I'm sure you have been having intense sexual intercorse
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Hi what you could do is stop having sex for 2 weeks. I know it will be hard but power through it. What you can do is make sure you have no open wounds on your penis. Apply a good moisturizer to your penis every morning and every night for two weeks. At the end of the two weeks you will have a smooth penis to be pleased with. Also applying moisturizer can be enjoyable if you know what I mean. If this doesn't work see your doctor.
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You should probably consult your physician, until then good hygiene is very important, and avoid unprotected sex as you are at an increased risk of contracting an std.
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I'd recommend that you go see your local community clinic, there are many county clinics that support teens and other groups, they are very confidentiality- sensitive and most of their services are free, specially if they have to do with sexual education and birth control. (many of these clinics are located where WIC clinics are but the clinics are open to male teens and young adults)

Good luck!

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I have this as well thanks to people who helped and doeas anybody know what is the cause?

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