I was cutting something with a sharp blade and it slipped and sliced into my thumb, I don't know how deep it is but it hurts heck and was bleeding a lot, I taped it up but am wondering if it needs medical attention or if it will be OK taped up?


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Dylan Waugh answered
Ive had this happen SEVERAL times... Just keep it taped up for a week or two, after like few days it wasent hurtin a lot so I took the bandaid off and walked up to the teacher and opened the wound back up. She passed out, and I was bleeding a lot  and got to go home, I did the classs and me a favor
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Janey answered
Put your thumb under the cold tap to staunch the bleeding  and then dry it with a tissue.If your thumb is still bleeding a lot after this, you should have it checked out by the doctor as it might require stitches.
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Arthur Wright answered
If you have the bleeding under control, clean the wound, apply some first aid creme and a bandage to keep from getting infected and watch but if bleeding retarts then seek medical attention immediately and theyll probably sew it shut
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John McCann answered
Janey is right. We can not see your thumb here, so consult a physician if pain and bleeding persists.

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