I Think I May Have Broken My Foot I Can And Do Walk On It But It Hurts Like Heck, What To Do?


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I shattered my left foot jumping off a bridge. No kidding, a freaking bridge. Killed my mother cause I did it after my friends did, so she could no longer ask if my friends jumped off a bridge, would I... Oh, to be young and dumb.
Any way, if it is causing you severe pain just to put weight on it, you should contact your doctor. If it is broken, he may simply give you a foot brace to wear a few weeks to support your foot while it heals, or if it is severe, you may need orthopedic surgery... My case was the latter. Bad experience all the way around. Hope this convinces you to see your doc!
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If it is hurting a lot and your foot is swollen, then you should immediately go to doctor. Be safe and healthy
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Yeah same , because I twisted my ankle in some weird way today at football , I can move it and everything but with allot of pain , it is swollen but it only appears to be hurting on the outer side of the foot !! I can walk normally with pain but if I turn around it hurts I can put no pressure on it and what should I do break/sprain ??
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I have a bone on the top of my foot what to do? And it hurts like crap
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I am not sure but I think I broke my foot, it hurts really badly but I've been walking on it for a week. I have an appointment in a few hours, but I think I broke the metatarsle of my big toe it hurts to walk, even sitting or laying down hurts and touching where it hurts it feels broken. But overall I think you can still walk if its broken.

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