My daughter is walking on the side of her right foot and is saying it's hurting, how can I tell what's going on?


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Bethan You-don't-need-to-know Profile
She pulled a muscle. Happened to me loads. Take her to the doctors to get it checked out. If it's her ankle and it has swollen, then she might have twisted or sprained it. The best way to find out is to go to your doctors! Happy new years! *Gives out free hugs!*
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John answered
Doctor, do I need to say it again time for a doctor visit. I had a lis franc fracture just from picking up a piece of steel, had a plantars wart just from wearing boots all the time,I had pulled muscles and tendons just from walking/over use. In other words you can injure your foot basically by just doing daily things. And walking on it after it is injured can further injure it. If you think it is nothing then visually look at her foot and see if their is any swelling or other words outward signs the foot has been injured. If their are none then take her to a doctor for a check up and maybe a scan,xray. Just saying when you injure your foot it effects your knees,hips and eventually your back . In other words if the foundation is weakened the bulding(body) suffers deterioration over time. In other words if you wait you may be casuing your daughter further problems later in life. Just saying take her to the doc even if it is a inconvenience for you. : ) later. It could be as simple as tight shoes wearing on the natural position of the foot ,but you won't know this until you have it checked out. Just take my advice and have it checked out. Better safe than sorry. : ) later
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Arthur Wright answered
Either broken or badly sprained but need ER DR to check it to be absolutely sure and to treat injury so it heals right so seek mediacl attention immediately or ASAP
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Eunice Kwarteng answered
You should probably take a good look at it, and if you can't figure anything out, you should take her to see a doctor. Good luck! :)

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