What Happens If I Cut Sugar, Milk And Butter Out Of My Diet?


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One thing is you will not be happy! As every now and then you will
keep reminding your mind that you have cut Sugar, Milk and Butter.
So although you lose some weight, if you are not happy for that, then
what's use? OK, can you cut all these for life long?
So best thing is reduce quantum and do some activity to spend
energy and then not only you will have good night's sleep but
you will keep the lost weight for long..... Brooklyn Vijay
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The most notable thing would be the lack of sugar highs and crashes.

Other than that, nothing too substantial.

Of course it depends on how much of these substances you were having before you decided to cut them out.

If you were eating far too many sugary foods, milk products and lathering butter on everything then cutting those out would mean you're eating substantially fewer calories and could potentially result in some weight loss.

It really depends on the situation.

If you need more info on what is and is not good on a diet, there are many proper diet/exercise guides out there for you to follow.

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