How Many Of You People Here Take Illegal Drugs? And How Many Honestly Think That This Is Not Right And They Should Quit?


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I'm a mother of 3 children that are grown. I know 2 of my children went through the smoking pot phase, just like I did in high school. I don't condone it. Anyone with common sense know if it is illegal than it's wrong. My older two don't do it anymore. One is married and I have a beautiful granddaughter, the other is a college student and on the dean's list. I have panic attacks and have a legal Rx for two controlled substances. Am I going to stop taking them because you can buy them from someone off the street? No. Do I sell my meds, no, do I take as directed by my doctor, yes. Do I abuse them no. If you are a grown up and all your children are moved out of the house and you want to take a toke off a joint, none of my business.
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If you take drugs in any form (alcohol is a drug) and you feel that you may have a problem or you cannot stop on your own or the use of drugs is causing problems in your life then you may be addicted to them which makes you a addict, if this is the case then please seek help.
Help is available and just so you know; you don't have to use drugs to enjoy life,

If you have a drug problem and want to stop please visit .
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I take lost of aspirin and ibuforen because i work out and am in contact sports. Other than that nope.

Telling some one they should quit aspirin is like telling them to quit watching TV..

why don't you be more specific.. Illegal drugs?

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