What Damages Occur When A Bullet Enters A Belly Button?


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Depending on the caliber of the bullet, it could either enter and remain inside or enter and exit from the back. If the bullet happens to be a small caliber (such as 0.22), it may go in and remain inside the abdominal cavity. This would cause tearing of the skin (at the belly button), it would cause tearing of the abdominal muscles, and the bullet would probably stop right at a dense organ. The dense organ may be either the stomach, small intestine, or liver. In either case, the bullet would rupture the organ in which it has penetrated. It would get stuck in that organ. Next, if the bullet is a large caliber (0.44, 0.45, 0.367), it would probably enter, pass all the way through the abdomen and come out of the back. This would cause severe internal damage. For example, it would go the same route as we've discussed earlier with a 22 caliber bullet, but it would not stop at the organs mentioned. It would actually keep going and come out of the back of that organ (usually the stomach or intestine). Once it comes out of the organ, it would either go through the lower spinal column and break a vertebrae bone. It would then come out of the back and probably beak some ribs.
 Once the bullet exits, it will do a lot more damage on the exit wound than the entrance wound. Why? Because a slower bullet (in this case it has already been slowed down by all the structures that it has passed through) will cause a shearing effect to the skin. It will tear as a dull knife and do a lot of damage. The person will probably be paralyzed and may bleed to death from internal organ damage. The person will probably get a nasty infection from the bullet pieces.

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