Why are white people so fat?


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It isn't just whites, but America in general there are lots of overweight people.
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Someone's ethnicity or colour has ABSOLUTELY NO IMPACT on whether they are overweight (or whether they have been or will be). I don't know if this question was just to create drama or you actually believe what you're saying, but I think it could be taken VERY offensively. You might want to consider taking it down.

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Yeah it has been quite common... To much fast food available out there when you are in a hurry, stores organizing things to make it hard to make good decisions, being raised on high calorie foods and never seeing the healthy side of things...  The usa is being known for its weight problem. I wasnt overweight according to the body mass index but I wasnt happy with my weight as I have always been small, so I lost 30 pounds, my sister lost 50 pounds and she is still loosing, my other sister needs to eat more she is starting to scare me.. We all have to support eachother... Calling people fat makes them feel bad and when some people feel bad they just eat more to make themselves feel better... My downfall was fast food and eating when I was bored. Now when I am bored I turn on music and dance while I clean, eat a healthy snack instead of junk, play with my puppy and o the warm days I spend hours outside gardening, and playing with the puppy. Got to stay moving I am not going to be a statistic on the fat side of the chart.. I'm white 
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The Asians made us fat by making everything for us
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Is that a cracist comment? As far as i know, asians dont eat bacon, hot dogs, tacos and other greasy stuff as much as western people do. Nor do they eat them for brackfast, lunch and dinner. Most of the times, we, asians, eat fish and vegetables. Think before you type please.
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I do not know if it is just white people that are obese, it could be that the area you live in it also lives many obese white people.
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Uh, truthfully, I find that offensive lol. Jk...not. Lol. I have mixed emotions about the subject >.<
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Because, no matter their colour some people are just greedy, or eat all the wrong foods .  I include myself in that statement .  Hehe .

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