Are Fat People Smarter Than Skinny People?


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Knowledge has nothing to do with, how skinny or fat you are.   O.O
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Sven Verhaeghe
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That's true, but that has nothing to do with being smart. Because if you have a healthy body, with an optimal weight, and you do sports, your mind will just work faster and more efficient than someone who is overweight, doesn't do any healthy activity, or any training for his brain (meditation, reading,..).. I'm quite sure the healthy person will be smarter than the overweight/unhealthy person.
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It does not involve intelligence at all.
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Well since the brain is largely made up of fat and fat people have more fat in them I'm going to go ahead and say that being fat makes you smarter, because like a comedian who is fat is usually funnier than a skinny comedian so the same must be true for intelligence.
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Intelligence is decided by many factors and weight is probably one of the least deciding factors. More important factors would be genetics and societal factors. I would put more weight on the later factor. If you see your family, friends and mentors valuing smart decision making and good study habits then you will be more likely to value the same behaviors.
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No, you're thinking of bald people. All the extra grey matter kills off the hair and gives us a chrome dome.

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