How Long After He Ejaculated In Me That I Feel That I Am Pregnant?


2 Answers

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aimee answered
Well you can't feel being pregnant this early though, you might feel tired , peeing more, and some mild cramping. But wait in till you missed your period about a week. Just remember you can trick your body into thinking its pregnant. So don't get to anxious yet
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Deborah Wacker answered
Well first off you had to be ovulating about 7-10 days after your last period, which is the only time you can get pregnant. Second, you can't feel being pregnant this early in the game. You will start to have symptoms at least a month after you are pregnant. But there are some women will have a couple of symptoms early. Wait a week after your period is suppose to start and do a pregnancy test or get your blood drawn to see if your pregnant.

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