How Can Bruxism Be Treated Under Alternative Medicine?


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Apart from traditional allopathic medication, bruxism can be treated under alternative medicine. Stress management and relaxation programme in association with hypnosis and guided imagery are found to be particularly useful in breaking the habit of teeth clenching and grinding. Application of mild warm cloth in the jaw area is effective for loosening the jaw up to certain comfortable extent. Acupuncture is often used as an effective treatment to get rid from bruxism. Facial massage therapy in accordance with deep tissue realignment can be used in releasing clenching pattern.

Herbal medication such as chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla) contains the central nervous system relaxant property and is used before going to bed to prevent teeth grinding.

Biofeedback method is suggested by the health practitioner in order to teach the individual to regulate muscle tension as well as associated pain by means of thought visual management technique. This method enables a patient to get a control over his feelings in relation to muscle tension and muscle relaxation and enables the individual to gain knowledge to know the difference.

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