How To Freebase Oxy?


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It's going to be very harmful. It may cause coma, brain damage and other problems. Oxycontin is a powerful Narcotic Analgesic which is used for pain relief. If you inhale it, you will get a very high dose in your brain. It probably will NOT feel good and you will not get high off of freebasing the drug. The pleasure derived from having a Narcotic drug go through your brain occurs in the slow process, such as orally ingesting it and allowing it to absorb through your bloodstream and into the brain. The amount of AcH (Acetylcholine) rushes in and cause the euphoria. Freebasing will allow too much AcH to rush between the brain cells and cause a lousy, sick, nauseating effect. Please don't try it. Take the drug orally, if you must.

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