What Does Childbirth Feel Like?


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Labor started at 5:00 A.M. At first I thought it was from mild laxative. First like mild cramps, getting worse in 20 minute intervals. Within 1&1/2 hours the pains were hard, every 3 minutes. It feels like a pulling cramp in the lower back and abdomin. Mine came so fast, they barely caught him. Every muscle in my body began to tremble and push, even my eyelashes. They tried to hold me back, but PUSH was all I could do. I listened to and followed instructions, and it was not that bad. Except I could not stop pushing. 3 good hard pushes and he shot out like greased lightening.
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Childbirth in my opinion the best gift from God. There is nothing like it and the feeling is worth one thousand words. Most importantly, they say 'a burden carried with love is less trouble'.
It feels great.
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Childbirth is extremely painful. Only a mother can tell you exactly how painful it is. It feels like constant pain. The pain is on peek when the baby's head comes out. Its a relief afterwards. Mother usually forgets the pain after holding baby in her hands. Soreness exists for about 2 or three days.
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SHARP. PAINFUL. CRAMPS. WORST. Its actually different for everyone but its very very very very very very very very very very painful
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It is very different for people. On whole it is extremely painful, especially induced labours.

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