Is it easier for skinny woman, to sire children then it is for a woman of a slightly larger build?


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Fitness level has more to do with it than anything. Also the term sire pertains to the male in the relationship. I'm a fairly skinny girl but I have a short body which made pregnancies a little hard because the babies were always pushed up against everything. I even cracked a rib with my last pregnancy. My friend who is shorter than I (by 9 in.) and much larger bones with a lot more weight had awesome pregnancies with no morning sickness, no bladder problems and very little heartburn. Now that's just the pregnancy part, in actual labor, if a woman is really overweight she won't have the muscle tone needed to have a quick labor or to push the baby out. There's also other factors involved, like pelvis size which has nothing to do with weight or bone structure. My friend has nicer hips than me but the opening in the middle was too small for birthing and the babies wouldn't fit. I have terrible hips but the opening is large enough that I had awesome, quick labors. So really, in answer to your question, size of the woman does have some affect on the ability to have children, but it's just one thing in a whole lot of other factors.
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The reason i asked this and sorry about using the wrong word,. Is people say we choose people on how the look, because of how reperductive they are..I don't mean a woman who is really overweight just a little chubby I like that in a girl i am skinny myself so. It works out well
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A little chubby won't hurt anything. In fact she'll probably do better during the pregnancy because her body won't have to take necessary nutrients away from mom to give it to the baby. If we go back a few hundred years we'd find that women with a little extra used to be the status of beauty so all this crap about skinny women being preferable because of reproduction is bull. I'm skinny, didn't help me any.
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By the way, I think it's awesome that there's guys out there who aren't into the weird emaciated look that society is pushing.

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