Can A Woman Have Children With Only One Ovary?


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You sure can! All it takes is the right time, one sperm and one egg. It doesnt mean just because you only have one ovary you couldn't get pregnant. It may be difficult for some women but others its a blessing. Your one ovary  obviously has produced a fertile egg for which a nice sperm to attack it. Your partner could also have a high sperm count which produces more sperm than other men. I hope this is good news.
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A women with one ovary can still get pregnant.

This is because the ovary is still releasing eggs.

Now, the question is really how often she ovulates. I heard some where that in a traditional woman with two functioning ovaries they switch between which one releases the egg each month. If that's the case then there might be some effect on how often they ovulate if they only had one ovary.

So that really only effects how often they have the chance to get pregnant. But does not affect the fact that they CAN get pregnant.

I would like to suggest that if you are writing a scholarly paper that you research this topic and find reliable sources for your information. Teachers rarely except uncited material or material from unprofessional sources.
I mention this so you have the best shot at getting the best grade you deserve.
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Then the ovary is fertilized the ovary might spilt in two and produce twins.

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