Can You Get Pregnant If You Have Anal Sex?


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No you can not .
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If You Ejaculate Deep In The Anus It Is Not Possible To Become Pregnant, But If You Ejaculate On The Outer Anus And It Seeps into The Vagina You Could Get A Girl Pregnant, All It Take Is One Swimmer To Get To Her Egg One Tiny Little Sperm...!!! Hope My Answer Was Helpful.
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You get pregnant when a sperm fertilizes an egg. It is extremely unlikely to get pregnant from anal sex alone.The only way you could get pregnant from anal sex is if his discharge seeped out of your bum and found its way into your vagina. If you started out with vaginal intercourse, some seepage could cause pregnancy.
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No, it is not possible to get pregnant that way. If you think you are expecting, I suggest you consult your gynaecologist.
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No, the only way to get pregnant is if sperm enters the vagina and fertilizes an egg. Anal sex is something refer to as sodomy meaning it's not normal sex.
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Actually, sodomy means anal sex. It has no definitive relationship to normalcy.
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If by some way sperm enters your vagina then yeah you can. Very rare. But BARELY possible. No you cannot get pregnant by anal sex.
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Yes of course you can well not from the behind exactly but it could be dripage from your butt to your vagina causing pregnancy

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