Can You Get Pregnant Without Having Sex?


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Depends on your definition of "sex", but clinically a sperm must enter an ovulating female egg thru passage in the vagina. If there was partial pentration by the penis, then, yes, a sperm cell can swim the rest of the way and fertilize the egg. If there was no penetration or ejaculation near the beginning of the vagina, then , no ,pregnancy is virtually impossible.
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Hello.. No you can't get stated she has not had sex. So I am taking it you're friend is probably in her teens?
  the only way you can get pregnant without sex is thru, a donor, like the women whom want to have babies and can't get pregnant,
they might use the their husbands sperm, or just have a donor thur, these sperm banks, in which the costs is very high and usually takes a few time to do this, and the chance of having twins is very high, my friend had this done two times and she has 2 sets of twins.  so the answer to you're question is no..hope that helps you  :)
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After having a baby vaginal can you get pregnant through anal sex?
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no I think you have to have sex to get pregnant.

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To answer your question, yes, you can get pregnant without having sex. A doctor can inseminate you with donor sperm.  tell her to stay away from junk food and her belly will go down.
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I have heard that you can get pregnant even if you are a virgin. If a guys ejaculates clothes to her vagina than their is a small chance she might be.

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