Are Q-tips Bad For Your Ears?


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I use Q-tips because i can't stand the feeling of water being in my ears but I've heard that they're very bad for you because they push everything farther in. When i was little and had ear infections my parents would pour peroxide in my ear and then cover it with a cotton ball.
My uncle who was a dr. Of medicine once told me, "Never stick anything in your ear except your elbow!"  He also taught  me a cool lil trick: Warm up a lil bit of virgin olive oil & put a few droplets in one ear lie on the opposite ear for an hour then do the other ear if you have an earache or any it earatation...lmao...‚ô•nassy
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No q-tips help clean your ears and will hurt a little cause of the cotton and then the ear wacks getting on your sores..! But soon your ear will be doing much better as you use q-tips
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My dads ear nose and throat specialist told him NEVER stick something in your ear. Instead a few drops of peroxide (lay down and do one side at a time) this will bubble and clean out the ear... Also if it is water in the ear a few drops of rubbing alcohol will dry that out.
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My ear nose and throat doctor said never put anything in my ears, and he also said that peroxide in the ear causes scar tissue and when used over a period of time can cause hearing loss, so see a doctor.

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