What Foods Are Bad For Your Teeth?


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I'm doing it for my biology project too and I've found that sweets chocolate and sugary things are and also acids and juices, they cause plaque and decay which errodes (cuts) into the enamel(a hard protection on your teeth)on your teeth and causes cavities and tooth ache as the nerves in your teeth are exposed.
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Candies - Hard candies seem harmless, eat too many and the constant exposure to sugar can be harmful to your teeth.

Raisins, dried fruit

These are high in sugar. Plus, they can get stuck between teeth and stay there for hours, causing decay.

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All kind of sweets, chocolate, sugary food are bad for teeth .

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Here is a long list of foods which are bad:
- Meat
- Junk food
- Cheese
- Carbonated drinks
- Smoking
- Oil etc
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Sweet foods and acidic foods. So remember to brush your teeth after eating those kinds of foods!
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Anything that can stick to your teeth - fruit roll ups, raisins, chewy candy- citrus fruit can also be bad for the enamel- drink water after eating an orange
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