Can You Do A Hand Stand? I'm Forty Ahem! And I Can't Do It...


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Practice up against the wall 1st! Try it with a pillow too I would suggest for your 1st one =)
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I can I can also stand on my head! I'm 50 and need that blood to my brain, it doesn't do much for my feet when I think! Lol That's why I got you a car Nassy!
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I've NEVER been able to do a hand stand.  I've tried on many occasions and just never could do it....almost succeeded in breaking my neck doing it!  Finally gave up.  I can however stand on my head.  But, I have to start with my knees on my elbows then ease my legs up into the air.  But, I have to say I haven't done that in a long time.
I am 40 and never was able to control my core balance 'til I got into martial arts...hence at 28 I did it...but since the stroke I am lucky to stand on my♥nassy
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Nassy, you look so pretty today!
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Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ah aha ahaha ha ah aha ha aha ha ah ahah tamarind made a funny(i hope your talking about her avatar-DOH!)
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You're too old to do a handstand when you're using a walker to help you stand!
I don't think there is an age limit to doing a handstand, you just need to keep in shape and have upper body strength.

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