Does it gross you out if the girl doesn't shave her legs?


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I was chatting to my partner about this the other day, after I was told to have two days growth of underarm hair for a mammogram.  In fact it's come up quite a bit since he has grown his beard. My thoughts "If women were never sold the idea of shaving we'd all be our "au naturel" selves with leg and armpit hair like men, along with a 70's bush."

So where did it come from? On reading, I learnt that the Ancient Egyptians shaved their body hair because of lice, however that does not pertain to us. Ours came through the fashion industry and short sleeved dresses. This brought about underarm shaving as the fashion designers thought underarm hair unsightly. Shaving leg hair came later as women were a bit more dubious because smooth legs lead to their lady gardens and so it was seen as more sexual. But with the design of stockings, leg hair again looked unsightly poking through. Betty Boo promoted smooth legs and short skirts. Hence the reason women shave their legs and underarm hair everyday is due to people deciding it was unflattering to fashion.

Women in certain European countries have unshaven legs, that is their norm, and so they do not have the rigmarole of shaving or waxing. 

I don't find it gross but it has become part of my cultural norm without me really knowing why we shave, so when I see unshaven women it is just different. 

I found this link and the comments section interesting

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I'm a girl .. And I find girls who don't shave their legs gross. I've never met one but if I did yuck . And the whole fad of growing out underarm hair on woman, blah !  Woman deserve equal rights and all that jazz but seriously we can have that and wax too. Cos I said so !

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I agree that girls should shave/wax their legs , its just wrong not to ...

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Just saying but if you don't like shaving your legs, use nair. It's ALOT better then shaving. Lol (: It's like a lotion that removes hair.
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I HATE my leg hair!! Yes, I am a girl, BUT this does not mean that I am any less a person. I am a very likable and kind person. However, a lot of the people I know do not know that I have leg hair. I hide them with tights or very long socks....or jeans. It sucks and I wish I had the money to get rid of them, but somethings in life just don't work how you want them to. I mean, I have a great figure and sometimes people are a bit envious, but ooohhh if they knew the horror underneath, I'd die!

People that agree with your statement, do not have to worry about having lots of leg hair! So, do I think this statement is true? No. I understand that shaving can often hurt your epidermis, leaving red marks and bumps. I see eye to eye with them because it is not their fault. Show a bit of sympathy people!
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yeah its gross when there hair grows back.

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I think its unattractive and I am a woman, however to each their own and I am sure you could find some nice hippie guy to love you without shaving and you could probably get away without wearing deodorant too lol  :)
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I think not! When you shave, it grows twice it's previous thickness and it grows faster. Leave it and sooner or later, your leg hair will automatically drop off :)

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