I Have A Lump Near My Vaginal Area Inside My Inner Thigh, Not On My Genitals. It Feels Like A Large Pimple Filled With Fat Or Pus. It Seems To Have Moved Down From Where It First Was A Couple Months Ago. What Could It Be?


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It is normal. You have to keep that area clean. Sometimes it is sensitive to the laundry soap (causing a rash) or even the lace of your undergarment will irritate it. Stay clean, change daily, and shower every day. She is right about your body sweating through your skin is cleaning you out. That is where the toxins go. Out your pores. And as your hormone change, the changes of what your body goes through are noticable (when it comes to sweating) is under your arms, and down there. No worries. Just do your best to keep the area clean and dry.
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It may be a gland...women have a lot of glands near the vadge....it might just be a bit larger than on the other side...I noticed one too and was worried till I felt I had the same thing on the other side, just not as visible.

Or it might be a cyst...those usually happen on the "hairier" areas though. I had one that I had to take care of myself....HMO's don't consider them a problem since they're so common.

I poked it and squeezed it, but it was a painful process (I only did it because it was getting pretty big). The content is not like pus, it is dry and white. It doesn't flow out easily. It is really built up keratin, the coating on the root of your hair. A doc would normally excise the sac (sorry this is so gross) by making a 1-2 mm incision and just lifting it out. If the sac isn't removed it will just come back...mine does. Blah.
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You have glands (oily sebaceous) in the groin area. You may have a blocked cuticle there that created a small cyst like bump. Be careful if you notice signs that it's infected go to the doctor. I had one and ended up getting a staph infection in it. Had to be hospitalized for 5 days,and have surgery to drain it. Then ended up in bed at home for 3 weeks having a visiting nurse 2 times a day to change dressing. Good luck
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I have one too, I havent seen a doctor yet, but I have heard of many people having the same case as we do, it doesnt feel like a pimple or anything it just feels like a cyst, I asked some other people and they said it could be my "g-spot" or anything, I am going to the doctor hopefully this week, but I hope its not serious, it could just be normal.

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