What do you think of people who try to weigh 300 pounds or greater just so they do not go to work?


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Peggy Burtwell Profile
Peggy Burtwell answered
I had never heard of this astonishing fact before. What part of the world are you in where this is happening? I need to know because I'm buying a plane ticket and all the Breyers ice cream I can bring over to where you are. How do these people survive? I'm really curious. Does the government pay them to weigh this much?
Steve Robinson Profile
Steve Robinson answered
This reminds me of that American woman who WANTS to weight 1,000 pounds... She's about 500 now... She says she's comfortable with the weight.  Just wait until she goes through the floor...
Ray Ottewell Profile
Ray Ottewell answered
Homer Simpson did it, and got away with going to work, And I like Homer Simpson. So yeh if they can get away with it why not.
KrazyOffic XD Profile
KrazyOffic XD answered
I think that they are going to die very soon , so goodbye , and that they shouldnt be allowed any benefits or operations if they do wnat to get slimmer , they did it to themselves then its their problem.

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