I weigh 170lbs. I'd like to lose 60lbs this summer so I don't feel self-conscious in a tank-top or bathing suit. I try not to drink soft drinks and try to eat less, but I never feel full. What can I do?


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60lbs is a lot of weight, and crash-diets are dangerous. I honestly don't think you can safely lose that amount of weight before summer, unfortunately. However, that doesn't mean you have to give up completely.

Diet And Weight-Loss

If you're eating less and don't feel full, then it sounds as if you're eating the wrong types of food. You can actually eat more food and lose weight — you just need to eat the right things. If you feel full, you're less likely to binge later on in the day, and so you should be able to lose weight easily.

The following foods are great for eating in large quantities, as they're so low in calories. You can eat them, feel full for ages, and watch your waist-line shrink!

  • Salad. There are usually about 40 calories in an entire bag of salad. Instead of having salad with your meal, try having it as the base, with low-fat protein like grilled chicken or fish. I do this when I'm on a diet, and it's very filling, very nutritious and tastes pretty good, too.
  • Vegetables. I know it doesn't sound particularly appetising, but vegetables as a snack (or even as a meal) can be really nice. I quite often eat a bowl of green veg (broccoli, asparagus, sugar-snap peas, etc.) with a little parmesan grated on top. Add black pepper as well, and you've got a delicious, filling snack for under 100 calories.
  • Protein. Fish, chicken and egg-whites are all pretty low in calories and very high in protein. They'll fill you up far longer than a muffin or a slice of toast will.
  • Water. Whenever you feel hungry, drink a glass of water. Your body will often confuse thirst and hunger, so you may be eating when you don't need to. Even if you're not, moderate dehydration can still cause you to carry water-weight around with you. Drink enough, and you'll shed this in days.

Getting A Beach Body

Unfortunately, dieting alone won't do the trick. If you want to wear crop-tops, you'll need to exercise. My BMI (body mass index) says I'm either underweight or borderline-underweight, but unless I exercise, I still won't have a stomach that I'd want to expose to the world in a crop-top!

There's a really good app for both Apple and Android platforms (I've got it on my Mac, and my mother has it on her Android phone) called Daily Ab Workout. It's free, and if you use that daily, you'll definitely notice your stomach becoming more toned. If you're out of practise, it's agonising, but you notice the improvement really quickly!

Losing Weight

The best way to lose weight in a safe, healthy manner is to eat healthily and exercise more. You need to be consuming less calories than you burn up, so make sure you're not wasting calories on things you don't need. Make everything you eat count — if it won't fill you up, don't eat it!

Of course, you can still treat yourself on occasion, but try eating less than you usually would when it comes to chocolate, candy and snacks.

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If your issue is never feeling full...

Fill yourself up on vegetables and salads before you eat your meals ( just watch the salad dressing, use Italian fat free dressing). 

1 pound of broccoli is only 154 calories vs. 1,200 for 1 pound of pizza.  So its a good idea to get your fill with veggies.

Another thing you could do is drink more water, drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, sometimes when you're feeling hungry, its just that you haven't taken in enough water.

Another solution is to drink coffee, it suppresses the appetite...this tip actually works great with another tip that is to start intermittent fasting.

Fast for 16 hours (8 hours will be you sleeping).... The other 8 hours you can have less than 50 calories (your coffee with a little bit of milk/sweetener).

Then eat all your meals in the remaining 8 hour window, this will allow you to feel full while still losing weight since all your meals won't be as spread out.

As far as how much to eat, don't drop below 1,200 calories/day...and do a lot of cardio...especially if you like to eat, you can get away with eating more if you do cardio (keep in mind cardio burns at a rate of 500 calories/h on average).

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