I have JV Soccer practice every weekday and my legs get really sore and have stiff muscles everywhere. How can I get them to loosen and feel better?


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The first thing that comes to mind is warming up and warming down.

The most common reason people get cramps or stiff muscles after playing soccer is because they didn't follow a proper warm up routine.

The importance of warm ups

  • They stretch your muscles
  • Prepare your heart and lungs for increased activity
  • Warm up the connection between nerves and muscles

Warms ups should involve stuff like stretching, jogging, and brief bursts of sprinting. You can also organise "warm up drills" with other players. These are kind of like mini-games and are a bit more fun then jogging, but less vigorous than jumping straight into the action.

The importance of warming down

While warming up is a well known part of the build up to any competitive match, I think it is important to also "warm down".

I say warming down as opposed to cooling down on purpose.

Cooling down might imply just relaxing letting your temperature return to normal after strenuous physical activity.

However, the best thing to do is to actually continue movement, but at a gradually lighter pace.

This is because lactic acid can build up in your muscles when running. To remove it, you'll need to gradually slow down - rather than come to a complete stop.

This could very likely be the mistake you're making, and why your legs feel so stiff and sore.

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I use to do cross country running and gymnastics and when my muscles where stiff and painful almost swollen I use to get a cold bath it is horrid at first especially in winter however if you stay in for fifteen to thirty mins it really helps with the swelling my first attempts always lasted about thirty seconds jumping in and out but eventually I just man up lol. Warming up and down is very important I always have a light jog then go into fast passed walk then some stretches 30 mins cool down should really help.

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Try the old folks" remedy as my Paramedic Daughter calls it. Try Ben Gay or Hot n Icy as it really works and don't worry what anyone else thinks especially if it helps. You may want to get the odor-less cream. Try taking up running some extra mileage to retrain your legs and warm ups and youll be just fine. This is what I did when I played at Green Bay many years ago.  Good luck

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Green Bay as in the Packers?
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Yes Maam. Due to my classified background as a Federal Officer, I can only release so much info for family security reasons but yes Im an ex Pack and also grew up in Packer territory in late 50s and early 60s which is a story in itself

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