Are there any foods to make your frist period come sooner? I heard green tea works for a lot of people and that drinking while milk and eating fatty foods and yogurt make you get it sooner. Have any ideas?


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hey girl I am a bit surprised many girls are asking how to make their period come faster , as I personally despise periods more formally ' the menstrual cycle ' they are painful , uncomfortable , discusting and has that distinct smell .. God sorry about the painfully  discusting description but its true , many  teen girls wish they never had it , because really who wants to have a week full of cramps , pads/tampons and pmsing , not that all girls do , but we usually get a change in self as in im more quiet and tired , but some people are really moody . Plus whatever age you are from younger than 10 or even older than 18 theres nothing wrong with you if you don't get your period yet even if many girls have got it ,im sure a lot more haven't yet , so don't worry you will get it soon or in your teen life or even in your woman stage , if you think there really is something wrong with you if it doesn't come after 18 more maybe ask your gp/ doctor on what issue it could be , it could be perfectly normal or just something to do with your lifestyle , eg. Not eating enough for the boady to produce ovaries etc. Theres a lot that can be the cause why ypu haven't got it yet , but honestly its definitely probably quite normal and if you want something to make it come faster , maintain a healthy weight and diet , if you may be a bit heavier than the average weight , so what if you're skinnier that's fine but just try to be in between :)

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