CONFUSED..!! There are people who eats all the JUNK and oily foods but still have a lean and perfect body. while there are some "like me" to whom a single chocolate cookie is enough to gain weight.. Any thought...??


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Because they're at the gym every single day of the week or outside doing something physical. Or maybe because you eat a single chocolate bar, but 5 pancakes, a whole chicken, 2 cans of Chef Boyardee, a large pizza, and 2  plates of pasta before the day is over.

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Walt O'Reagun
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Maybe ... but maybe not.
I know a half-dozen individuals who don't exercise, and eat lots of junk food - but have high metabolism and stay "fit" weight-wise.
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Ya. If someone has good genetics, they'll be healthy naturally & they don't have to work as hard or eat as well. If someone has bad genetics, it doesn't really matter what they do (healthy or not). They're not going to be very healthy & it'll get worse as they get older.

Life depends on luck, you just have to be born with the right genes, the right parents & the right place. If you happen to have good genes, good parents & born in a good place that's not poor, then you'll be more likely to be ok. But if you don't, your life will be more likely to be much worse & shorter. Not always of course. Each generation gets affected twice as much as the one before. My mom had depression so I had depression/ptsd too, only twice as bad.

I got screwed genetically & I was born in a very poor area. So of course my life would be much worse than most humans.

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Because these people might have a fast metabolism.

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Because they have a fast metabolism.  The world is an unfair place, but all you can do is to continue to eat healthy.  That includes not starving yourself.  The more healthy your diet is, the faster your metabolism is.  Of course, it's all right to sneak a treat every so often.... >:-)

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Walt O'Reagun
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True to a point.
But metabolism is based on other things than eating healthy, as well. Thus the question.
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A healthy diet contributes to a fast metabolism. Genetics can also be a factor in metabolism rate, and amount of exercise. I'm sure that there are many other things that contribute to metabolism, but I can't think of anything else.
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Metabolic rate differences can be inherited my friend.

You have your parents to thank, and any bad habits with regards to diet you had as a child that contributes to your issues.

Increase you metabolism to ward off the chocolate cookie fiend.

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