Does it mean I'm pregnant if I have my period twice in one month in less than 22 days?


2 Answers

Isbella Dent Profile
Isbella Dent answered

No you to not have your period for at least 2 months. If you are still having your period u are still releasing an egg so no your not pregnant

Cathy Tavares Profile
Cathy Tavares answered

No, it doesn't necessarily mean you're pregnant. As if you skip one period it doesn't necessarily mean you're pregnant either. If you dont take the pill, it's normal that you're period is unregulated. But having your period twice in a month is more likely to be related to stress or anxiety in your life. Chill out :)

If you're really concerned, just take a pregnancy test. There's no embarassement doing it. Keep us updated :)

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