I Had My Period Twice In One Month - First One Was Normal, But Second One Was Abnormal, Could I Be Pregnant?


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Yes, you could be pregnant if you had your period twice in one month. Your second ‘period’ could have been implantation bleeding.

What is Implantation Bleeding?
This is when the fertilized egg makes its way from the fallopian tubes to the uterus, where it tries to implant. The lining of the uterus contains fleshy and bloody tissue that becomes disturbed as a result of this. 

About one third of pregnant women experience implantation bleeding.

The Differences Between Periods and Implantation Bleeding
The most noticeable difference between implantation bleeding and period bleeding is that it occurs before your period is due.  It usually occurs 7-10 days after ovulation, but can occur sooner. 

The bleeding is likely to be dark red or brown because it is old blood.  It may also be mixed with cervical mucus, which makes it a pinkish color.  Some women experience light cramping at the time of implantation.

Implantation bleeding varies in the amount of bloodshed, how long it lasts and the color of the blood.  If it lasts longer than two days, there is a chance that it may be an ectopic pregnancy.  An ectopic pregnancy is where the fertilized egg has been planted outside the uterus, for example in the fallopian tube or cervix.

It is recommended that you wait until the day that you period was due to take a pregnancy test.  However, some pregnancy tests are highly sensitive and, if your body has already produced adequate levels of hCG (the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin, made by the developing embryo), you may get a positive result earlier.  You should also seek qualified advice from your doctor.
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I had a lot of female trouble in my late teens and early twenties, I would have two periods in a month several times a year and I would get my hopes up that I was pregnant. You can test in as little as a few days now with the new pregnancy test they have out there.

If that is not the case, you need to consult with your gynaecologist to get you on some meds to regulate your periods. Also if you have been under a lot of stress that can affect it too.

The best advice I can give you if you want to get pregnant is to relax and enjoy your mate. You will have that bundle of joy when GOD thinks it's time! GOOD LUCK
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Two periods in a month are pathology and this condition should be treated on time because it can cause blood loss leading to anemic conditions. Following are some reasons of this conditions.
  1. Hormonal imbalance
  2. Pelvic inflammatory disease
  3. Frequent ovulation
  4. Malnutrition
  5. Stress, anxiety and other psychological conditions
So, you should pay a visit to your family doctor.
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There are many things. A change of health, activities, stress and other things can INTERRUPT your monthly period. You will probably not have to worry unless the flow is extremely heavy or unusually bright red. Should a person experience this, and notices changes in odor, consistency or has a lack of energy, you should be seen by your Doctor.
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Two periods in a month doesn't mean pregnancy. It can be stress, ingesting medication or other substance which might disrupt the luteal phase. If it is not a period then it can be a spotting which is an early sign of pregnancy. The best thing to do is to take blood pregnancy test.
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I don't think so. You should consider taking a simple pregnancy test. This will give you over 95% accuracy. If even after the test being negative you feel that you might be pregnant, then you can have a blood test done.

Best of luck.
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Two periods in one month are not normal if gap between them is less than 21 days. If you are having periods for more than two weeks, then it can be due to stress/anxiety, pituitary gland problems, uterine cancer, tumors, polyps, fibroid or side effects of hormonal birth-control. So, pay a visit to your doctor.
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Getting two periods in a month can be normal or abnormal, but does not indicate pregnancy. If the gap between two periods is at least 22 days, then it is normal. If gap is less than 21 days then it is a problem that should be treated by the doctor. This problem can be due to following conditions.
  1. Pelvic inflammatory disease
  2. Malnutrition
  3. Frequent ovulation due to hyperactivity of pituitary gland
  4. Stress
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People sound ridiculous saying you can't get your period if you're pregnant, my mom said she had her period up until she was four months along, but didn't get the two periods in one month thing. I'm actually going through the same thing, I'm just going to play the waiting game and if I don't come on next month I will take a test.
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No, it is not bad, and in fact normal in many women. A women can have one to three periods in a month and sometimes only one period in a year. It happens because of hormonal imbalances.

Stress and nutrition are the main contributors to this problem. You must see your doctor for advice and make your periods regular. The doctor might suggest certain dietary modifications and supplements.
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Mr suhail.
Are u sure period. Twice in a month before 21 days . It is not pregnancy. Sir can u suggest me that if it is pregnancy then what I do bcoz I dont want pregnancy if u have any type of medicine so plz can u gime me that medicine boz I cant see the doctors.
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If you are terribly stressed this can affect your cycle. If not, then I suggest that you go and see your doctor about this. Hope this helps, good luck to you.
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No, this doesn't mean you are or aren't pregnant. Sometimes our bodies get out of whack and your hormones cause more or less bleeding. Check with your doctor and if you are not already, get on some birth control to help regulate your cycle. It might take a few different tries and different kinds of birth control, but there are so many now you will find one that's right for you.
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It's just your hormones playing up - very normal. You can control this through birth control.

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Yes it sometimes happens to women. If you get your period earlier than normal, it can be attributed to a change in diet or hormonal level (due to sexual intercourse).

But if you start having this problem regularly, then you should get concerned. Wait till your next cycle begins. If it is normal, then you don't have any serious problems.
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Sometimes, women will have more than one period a month due to our cycle being 28 days and the fact there are 30 to 31 days in a month. Did you know that the only month we cannot get a blue moon, as the moons cycle is 28 days is in February? Keep track. Find out according to the moon's cycle where you will have your period, and in no time will be able to know when to expect one.
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It all depends sometimes you can have a period twice a month because of too much intercourse. The reason why is because when you get together with a man a lot, it will differ your regular period schedule because it is trying to regulate the times when you have your period.

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